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well that old mad dog,

he's barking for the blues bone...

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"if you're a smart person, you can see what's smart about the next guy. if you're secretly afraid you're a moron, okay, then to you, everyone's a moron."

hi, i'm kristyna. i'm a writer and i'm trying to get published, so if you're any good at editing or know anyone in the business that could help me out that would be great. i'm also thinking about going into the music business because i know some people and i've got a good ear for it and know a lot of local and up-and-coming bands, so if you've got talent talk to me i might be able to help, yeah, i need clients.
i've got some writing on a xanga site, http://www.xanga.com/melting_pulchritude so go check it out if you want. it's just a lot of brainstorming for life pieces on their right now, that's what i call first drafts...
i play guitar and write my own songs, but i don't have the greatest voice so i'm looking for people who can sing. if you've got a good voice send me a demo and i'll write you something, we can even do it over the internet, might be easier that way.